Multichannel Research Programs and Methodologies

Our goal at LeBel Marketing is to provide clients with the metrics and insights they need to improve customer satisfaction, increase retention and expand customer loyalty.  Metrics help track marketing effectiveness and guide our recommendations to our clients.

Marketing Research will show you how to improve business by identifying, measuring, and improving marketing effectiveness.

“We’ve been participating in LeBel Marketing’s surveys, both Post-Holiday Customer Survey and Lapsed Buyer Insight Survey, for several years and we find the information very helpful. We’ve learned a great deal about the experiences our customers have had with us and how we rate compared to other catalog companies. Being able to look at the results of the surveys from year to year allows us to see if we’re making the improvements our customers want to see.”

— Pamela Higgins, National Geographic Partners, Vice-President, Circulation and Marketing, Catalog & Online Store

Customer Studies and Profiling
Comparative Customer Profiling by Channel
Comparative Attitude and Purchase Behavior by Channel
Comparative Customer Satisfaction Studies by Channel
Customized Research Panel
Benchmark Studies

Product Concept Development and Testing
Conjoint Analysis
New Product Concept Assessment and Screening
Name Testing and Evaluation
Positioning Research

Catalog Research
Catalog Concept Testing
Creative/Copy Testing
Catalog Recall
Catalog Launch Program

Retail Research
Retail Concept Testing
Store Launch Program and Prototype Testing
Store Impression Research and Recall Surveys

Internet Research
Competitive Web Site Comparisons
Web Site Usability Labs
Online Performance Assessment
Online Purchase Behavior
Online Advocacy and Advisory Panels
Product Category Custom Insight Surveys
Social Media Research:  Facebook Survey

Performance Assessment
Mystery Shopping:  Catalog, Website and Retail

Market Assessment
Market Analysis:  Size and Structure
In-Depth Competitive Analysis
Pricing Analysis
Brand Image and Positioning

Advertising Effectiveness
Advertising Effectiveness Studies

Our choice of approach, or methodology, whether quantitative or qualitative, is dependent on your needs and goals.  Here are some of the ways we gather the information you need:

Traditional Methodologies
Comprehensive Quantitative Surveys
Customized Research Panel
Focus Groups
– Traditional
– Teleconference

In-Depth Interviews
Observational Analysis and Intercept Interviews
One-on-One Interviews
In-home Enthnographic Interviews
Perceptual Mapping
Conjoint Analysis

Internet Methodologies
Annual Multi-title Post-Holiday Customer Insight Survey
Annual Multi-title Lapsed Buyer Insight Survey
Multi-title Women’s Apparel Customer Insight Survey
Multi-title Men’s Apparel Customer Insight Survey
Multi-title Food Customer Insight Survey
Multi-title Home Decor Customer Insight Survey
Multi-title Gifts and Collectibles Customer Insight Survey
Multi-title Kids Customer Insight Survey
Multi-title Pets Customer Insight Survey
Focus Groups
– Navigational
– On-Line
– Web-conferencing

Online Research Panel
Quantitative Online Surveys
Usability Labs
Facebook Surveys

You Can’t Improve What You Don’t Measure!