Market Research

“I consider LeBel Marketing a vital resource for  I know that I can turn to LeBel Marketing regarding many aspects of our business because they understand the multichannel retail environment and can translate what we need into the right type of research.  We rely on LeBel Marketing to help us make strategic decisions on customer behavior, and they do it in a timeframe and budget that works for us.”

Mark Friedman, President,

We have developed a reputation over the past twenty-five years for providing top-notch research and resources.  All of our Research Directors have twenty-five plus years experience in their industry of expertise and direct marketing.  They are experts in their fields, and their direct marketing experience and knowledge is reflected in every facet of our programs.

Our programs will help you better understand crucial issues such as:

  • customer satisfaction
  • customer loyalty
  • reasons for customers lapsing
  • key purchase attributes
  • loyalty programs
  • new product development including product testing and creative testing
  • competition and their products
  • how to attract prospects.

We conduct our research using methodologies like:

  • focus groups
  • quantitative or qualitative phone surveys
  • quantitative online surveys
  • conjoint analysis
  • online focus groups
  • Website Usability labs.

In the context of our overall industry experience, we have performed thousands of research projects, quantitative and qualitative, primary and secondary, based on client needs.

Our staff has worked with many of the top catalog/multichannel retailers and publishers in their industries, as well as companies in the financial, healthcare and insurance industries.  Our clients include B2C, B2B and non-profit organizations, national and international.

A brief listing of our research programs is listed here to provide you with a sense of the types of programs that we offer.

Because of our direct marketing focus, we can tailor our marketing efforts and research to your specific needs and interpret the findings to guide you through your decision-making process.  We will be happy to work with you on each step to help you achieve your goals and objectives.

Regarding our annual Post-Holiday Customer Insight Survey:

“We have purchased the last 13 Post-Holiday surveys because they provide us a wealth of information about our customers’ shopping preferences and their experiences with our website and with customer service. Tracking these metrics year over year has given us insight into how well we are running our business and how we stack up against other participating retailers.”

Richard Senzel, Manager of Marketing Analytics, The Yankee Candle Company, Inc.

Regarding our annual Lapsed Buyer Insight Survey:

“We rely on the annual Lapsed Buyer Insight Survey because it provides us with a great deal of understanding of how we can better meet our customers’ expectations. Benchmarking this data year over year has assisted us in improving our systems and our business overall, as well as learn how we compare to other retailers in the industry.”

— Joan Abrams, Director, E-Commerce, Ross-Simons / Luxury Brand Holdings