Communications and PR

“We at Trumpet Gallery are extremely pleased with the public relations work that LeBel Marketing has done.  We continue to grow in our work as a fine art gallery and as an open university, which invites interested parties to teach and study, bringing community together.  We rely totally on the expert advice and hard work that has been so instrumental in getting the word out for Trumpet.”

Mona Adisa Brooks, Trumpet Gallery, Owner

Public Relations is used to increase awareness of a company and its products among its targeted audiences. It utilizes relationship-building tactics to reach the corporation’s strategic business objectives, as outlined in a Corporate Communications Campaign plan.

Benefits of Public Relations are:

  • Raise awareness of the company and its products, and important business issues
  • Drive audiences to Websites, 800-numbers, and retail locations
  • Invigorate employees, business associates and others important to the company
  • Help prepare the company for potential crises or business disruptions

LeBel Marketing offers comprehensive public relations expertise, including:

  • Corporate Communications Campaigns
  • Communications Audit
  • Marketing Public Relations
  • Press Release and Media Relations Strategy
  • Activating Advocates via Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Blog Posts
  • Collateral Materials

Corporate Communications Campaigns

Undertaking a campaign that informs and excites audiences is an important step in achieving strategic corporate goals. A public relations campaign looks at the whole business, the audiences most important to reach, and build a dialogue with them.

We map out the Goals, Objectives, Audiences, and recommend Strategic Tactics to reach those goals. We will work with your company executives to develop Key Message Points, or Talking Points, that will drive the messages to external and internal audiences. Evaluation criteria to gauge effectiveness of the campaign are also established.

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