A Marketing and Research Consultancy

LeBel Marketing is an experienced, results-oriented marketing and consulting group that supplies critical analysis and understanding to help clients expand their businesses.  In addition to helping our clients understand their customers through market research, we clarify communications with their customers to create loyalty, assist clients integrate digital marketing into their traditional marketing strategies, and recommend how to make the right changes that will improve ROI.

LeBel Marketing develops marketing strategies based on client needs.  We integrate digital into marketing plans in the most cohesive and effective way.

We chart the terrain linking our clients with their customers so they can understand how best to reach and keep them.  By providing the Customer Insight they need, we help our clients make informed business decisions that will optimize investment and increase sales.

And by helping clients communicate their messages to customers and other key audiences, we ensure that communications enhance the brand every step of the way.

‘LeBel Marketing has done a fantastic job on our annual Veterinarian survey for several years. They handle the survey instrument creation, logistics, and most importantly the analysis of final results. They are fast, accurate and very insightful and this helps us drive our business to even higher levels. I highly recommend them!’

— Brad Bishop, VP, Direct Marketing, SmartPak.

‘First, let me say that I was very pleased with the report.  We’ve definitely got some valuable insight here, in terms of both general customer satisfaction and some actionable steps we can take to improve the customer experience.  So, thank you!’

— Jody Malordy, General Manager of Marketing and Merchandising,
The Metropolitan Museum of Art